Create Binary Analysis VM

I created VM for reverse engineering. This is the note at that time.

Install Virtual Box

To run VMs needs hypervisor. I choose the Virtual Box. Because, Virtual Box is easy to use and free. To install Virtual Box navigate to the this page. You choose the package for your system, and download it. Run the installer. If you are using the mac OS, you can install with this command too.

brew cask install virtualbox

Installing Free Windows 7

Microsoft provide free windows VMs. Those VMs have a limited license that will expire after 90 days. To install VMs navigate to the this page. You select the VM:

  • Windows 7(x86)
  • Virtual Box

Downloaded the .zip file, and extract it. This file contain the .ova file.

Next, open Virtual Box and select File > Import Appliance. Select the .ova file that you just extracted and click continue. The settings should be ok, you click Import.

Installing FLARE-VM

FLARE-VM is Windows-based security distribution for reverse engineer. It’s installed many reverse engineering tools.

To install on Windows VM, you visit the following URL with Internet Explorer.

After you navigate to the above URL, you will be asked with a dialog. Select Run to continue the installation. You input password and press Enter with a console window. The installation process takes time, please drink coffee and wait. After installation, you got the binary analysis VM. Yeah, you did it!! Enjoy!!