Note - Links for OSINT

January 23, 2020


Link Title Note
https://domainwat.ch/ DomainWatch Show whois and domains info
https://www.similarweb.com/ja SimilarWeb Analyze web site
https://myip.ms/ Myip.ms Show IP address or domain’s info
https://website.informer.com/ website.informer.com Show web site information
https://domainbigdata.com/ DomainBigData Show domains information
http://www.ymkp.com/ 域名科普网 Search whois information that focused on Chinese area
https://tools.digitalpoint.com/cookie-search Cookie Search Search cookies
https://www.shodan.io/ Shodan Search engine for Internet-connected devices
https://censys.io/ Censys Search engine for Internet-connected devices
https://www.robtex.com/ Robtex Research of IP numbers, Domain names, etc
https://otx.alienvault.com/ AlienVault OTX Share threats info
http://spyonweb.com/ SpyOnWeb Show web sites some info
https://urlscan.io/ urlscan.io Scan and analyse websites
https://intelx.io/ Intelligence Search engine and data archive
https://crt.sh/ crt.sh Search engine for certificate Transparency
https://www.immuniweb.com/ssl/ ImmuniWeb SSL Security Test
https://www.dnstree.com/ DNS Tree Show DNS tree graph


Written by FAMASoon. Twitter/GitHub